Happy Bastille Day in French

In this article, we will highlight all the informative details in view of the Happy Bastille Day in French. There is the majority of people are probably not aware of Bastille Day. This day is celebrated in a rejoiced and warm manner in support of French Culture. This day is surrounded by a wide range of countless other celebrations as well that is adding including the military parade, dances, parties, fireworks, and even communal meals too.

Happy Bastille Day in French

Bastille Day is a big celebration in France. It remembers when the French Revolution started and people broke into the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789. This event shows the start of the French Republic and the victory of freedom, fairness, and togetherness. Every year on July 14th, people in France and all over the world celebrate with parties, parades, fireworks, and cultural activities.


Some of the main best pleasing festivities of Bastille Day are:

  •   Military and civilian parades.
  •   Musical performances.
  •  Communal meals.
  •  Dances.
  •  Balls.
  •  Fireworks display.


A large eye-catching military parade is held in on the early morning of 14th July each year. All the departments of the military arm forces carry out the special parade for the spectators. Some of the main sections included in the military parade are cadets from military schools, the French Navy and the French Foreign Legion, and so on. This parade celebration is inaugurated by the French President. The spectators attend the parade with great entertainment and afterward spend picnic time with their families.

Happy Bastille Day in French


On Bastille Day 2024, there is a public holiday in France. All the banks, offices, and business organizations are completely closed on this day. Even the hotel and restaurants are also closed. Nevertheless, the public transports adding to the airports and railway stations are open for travelers.

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The very first Bastille Day was celebrated in the France in early 1700s. On 14th July 1789, French troops gained the victorious fight that leads to the arrival of Bastille Day as the French Revolution. However, official celebrations are held on 30th June 1878 for giving the honor the Republic of France. Since 1880 Military parades are commenced in France for praising the arm forces. Just the French Communities carried out the celebrations of Bastille Day that include, and New York.


The national flag of Bastille Day 2024 has been offered with three vertical bands that are finished with blue, white, and red coloring. There are ma people that favor painting their faces with the same three colors on Bastille Day.

In this way, we have all ended with the Bastille Day information. Just like all the National Days around the whole globe this day also holds the same prominence and importance for the people. This is simply a valuable opportunity to give applause to the military arm forces.

We are sure that all those people who were not very aware of this day must have gained enough knowledge about this day for sure. This year as well this day is one of the most awaited happenings in France. Let’s see how the French Community will welcome this year’s Happy Bastille Day in French on 14th July 2024.