National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

Here we will discuss National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status. Firstly, we would like to give a brief introduction to friendship day. This special day was founded by Hallmark in 1919. It was announced for those people who want to celebrate their friendship by giving cards and gifts to each other. In 1940, this international day got dried up and then it died out. But in 1998, Winnie the Pooh was named as the world ambassador of friendship at the United Stations. In April 2011, United Nations announced the Sun, on July 30 as friendship day.

National Friendship Day 2023

On this special day, people spend time with their friends and show their love for them. On friendship day, people send different messages to their friends in order to celebrate this day.

Friendship Day Wishes for Best Friend:

In this post, we will share the best friendship day sms or messages in different languages. The best Friendship Day SMS Messages are as follows:

  • FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forGet but how U forgive,

Not how U listen but how U UnderStand,

Not what U see but how U feel,

and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!


  • If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable If u r a Star u r the Brightest,

and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!!!!!!!!!

  • Sometimes, I forget to say hi,

Sometimes, I even miss replying,

Sometimes, my message doesn’t reach you,

But, it doesn’t mean that I forget you,

I just giving you time to miss me!

Friendship Day Images:

National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status

Friendship Day Quotes:

  • First of all happy friendship day to all my friends. I believe there is no word in the dictionary to express how good you feel when you have caring friends.
  • A good friend is like a computer. I ‘enter’ in your life, ‘save’ you in my heart, ‘format’ your problems, ‘shift’ you to opportunities & never ‘delete’ you from my memory!
  • Sorry, if I ever hurt your feeling. But I really love you since you are one of my sweetest friends. I miss you all the time.  Love you & miss you so much. Keep smiling forever.
  • A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright light of your friendship.
  • Time & distance are important between friends. When a friend is in ur heart, they remain there forever. We may get busy, but I assure u, u will always remain in my heart!.
  • I remember the days when u were with me. I remember everything like those surfings, those chats, those ice-creams, those chocolates… I remember the days of the long drives at the speed of 100 I remember those sharing n those joys but gone are those days. I really miss you, my friend. coz u r special to me.

Friendship day msg:

  • Rahi badal jate hai par raste nahi badalate, 

Toofan aaye fir bhi mausam nahi badalate

Gile shikawe bhale kitane ho

Magar sacche dost kabhi nahi badalate

  • A friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sister, and irritates like a brother.

Friendship is the blend of all relations.

Wish u a Happy Friendship Day.

  • Sajti rahe khushion ki mehfil,

Har khushi suhani rahe,

Aap jindgi me itne khush rahen,

Ki har khushi apki diwani rahe.

  • Woh nadiyan nahi aansu they mere, jinpar woh kashti chalate rahe. 

Manzil mile unhein yeh chahat thi meri, isliye hum aansu bahate rah

  • Every garden must have a rose, Every sweet face must have a smile, Every grass must have some dew & Every person in the world must have a friend like “YOU”. Happy Friendship Day!
  • A best friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Happy Friendship Day, BFF!!!

Friendship Day Date:

Moreover, we would like to mention that this special day takes place on the last Sunday of July. In 2023 it will be celebrated on Sun, Jul 30. With the passage of time, this day is getting very popular and today friendship day is celebrated on a larger scale in many countries of the world.

According to the friendship day declaration: observe this day in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture and other appropriate circumstances or customs of their local, national and regional communities, including through education and public awareness-raising activities”.

On the whole, after discussing the best and most popular National Friendship Day 2023 Quotes Msg Status  it is easy to conclude that if you want to wish your friend on this special day then you should send these messages.

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