National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, Posters

Here we will discuss the National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, and Posters. Before discussing the quotes, we would like to give a brief introduction to National Hepatitis Day 2023. We would like to mention that world hepatitis day is held annually on 28th July in order to create awareness of hepatitis. Basically, hepatitis is a disease that badly affects the liver. Now the question is that what do people do on this day? Many organizations like United Nations and different community groups arrange different activities in order to promote awareness about hepatitis.

National Hepatitis Day 2023

Moreover, we would like to mention that National Hepatitis Day 2023 is considered to be an annual event each year and it provides international focus for all the patients and those people who are living with hepatitis. In the world of the internet, there are so many quotes available for hepatitis day.

National Hepatitis Day Quotes:

In this post, we will share the most popular National Hepatitis Day 2023 Quotes. The best quotes are as follows:

  • HBV is 100 times more infectious than HIV. Both HBV and HCV can remain in the patient’s blood for years without any symptoms, and by the time the disease is detected, the patient would already have a severe form of liver disease. But both viruses are treatable, and the results of the treatment, lasting from about 28 to 48 weeks and including anti-viral tablets with sometimes weekly interferon injections, are very good.  Karen Gonzales
  • There is a growing need to make people aware of the severity of the disease in the region. People need to be extra careful, as it is one of the regions where infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) is common. Dr. Dinesh Kini
  • Hepatitis A and B are vaccine preventable diseases, yet they continue to be the most commonly reported vaccine preventable diseases. Getting vaccinated, especially if you are at high risk, provides the best protection from these diseases. Dr. RS Verma
  •  Liver disease is a serious public health issue in our nation, as it currently affects more than 30 million Americans. Diseases such as Hepatitis are often referred to as ‘silent diseases’ because liver damage can gradually occur over many years before being discovered, which often happens once the damage is irreparable. Nationally, hepatitis B and C are major causes of liver cancer, liver transplantation, and even death. J Robert Galvin
  • Giving vaccines works because we have seen case levels of hepatitis A and B drop in Florida. In the past eight years acute hepatitis B cases have decreased by 49 percent and hepatitis A cases have dropped by 84 percent. Tom Liberti
  • People don’t know this but I helped the Cardinals win the pennant. I came down with hepatitis. The trainer injected me with it. Bob Uecker.

World Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogans

  • “Hepatitis C: The Gift That Keeps On Giving”
  • “I Have Hepatitis Not Cooties”
  • “Just Because I Can’t See It Doesn’T Mean You Don’t Have It”
  • “Getting Tested Early = Staying Healthy Longer”
  • “It’s Closer Than You Think”
  • “‘Ever Injected? Get Tested’ And ‘See It, Treat It, Beat It – Hep C. It Can Be Cured’.”
  • “I Fight Like A Girl – Hepatitis C Warrior”
  • “Hepatitis Is A Word Not A Sentence”
  • “Hepatitis Doesn’T Define Me”
  • “Hepatitis C: You’Re Sharing More Than Just A Needle”

National Hepatitis Day 2023 Posters:

National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, Posters

National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, Posters

World Hepatitis Day 2023 Status Pictures


National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, Posters

National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes, Status, Pictures, Posters

We would like to mention that information about National Hepatitis Day 2023 is normally distributed in different ways such as posters, social media, newspapers, etc. It is important that readers should know the background of this day. We would like to mention that hepatitis means the inflammation of the liver and it is caused by so many things. Also, read the importance of National Parents Day.

 The most important cause of hepatitis is the viral infection. According to research on world hepatitis day is that almost 500 million people in this world are infected with this dangerous disease. In 2008, the first hepatitis day was introduced.

On the whole, after discussing the National Hepatitis Day 2023 Slogan, Quotes Pictures, and Posters it is easy to conclude that it is important that every person send these quotes to their family members and relatives in order to create awareness about this dangerous disease.

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